3rd Speaker

A third speaker in action. (Taken without permission)


The third speaker of a debate has a very special role, in the building of a team's argument.  The third speakers are charged with doing everything they can to destroy the opposing teams case. Yet simultaneously making your teams case look like a godsend. The Speaker must learn to balance the factual and the satirical. Knowing when a joke or pun will work is vital to the success of your teams case. The Third Speaker, unlike any other speaker, has the absolute power to make or break your teams case. In terms of Substantive points, many argue that the speaker needs a small,relatively unimportant point to cover a quarter of the speech, while the rest is rebuttal. While others insist that the whole speech must be rebuttal. I am in two minds over this issue, so it is best to consult the marking framework and the culture of the debate. Yet the Third Speaker should always, have a point to fall back on, should they run out of time.