What is DebatingWikiEdit

DebatingWiki is a site set up to try to help debaters both better understand debating and to prepare for debates.

You can find information about debating, how to debate, different types of debating and the roles of different speakers here, for new debaters trying to learn the skills of debating and for more experienced speakers looking to refine their style. All debaters can learn from each other, and having a community of people trying to help each other to debate better is something that will help even the most experienced debaters.

Perhaps even more importantly, though, you can find and contribute to arguments, cases, contexts and facts for both sides of any debate, as well as general rules and strategies to think about when constructing cases on a wide range of different topics. Topic preps can be used when practicing debating, to help improve how to make arguments and even to revise for possible topics, as well as the more obvious use as preparation for a set topic. Currently, there are no popular websites that give debaters reliable case preps and speaking advice-something we hope to change.

You can help this site grow by registering to find and add pages, suggest pages, edit material or simply comment.

What is Debating?Edit

Debating is a form of competitive argument in which two sides are pitted against each other on a topic; the two sides have to defend or attack a given proposition using logical argument and rebuttal. However, it would be wrong to think of debating as a strictly logical form of argument; debaters must also use their rhetoric to convince and audience.

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